Maggie McQuown, Founder and President

VisibleEDGE™ Resources gives our clients the EDGE to Excel.  We have a passion for unleashing the full potential of our clients and transforming them into total professionals...trusted "brand" leaders who outshine the competition. The break-through concepts, strategies and tools taught in our workshops, keynotes and coaching programs are impactful, actionable and fun!  As a result, our clients excel in both substance and style.  They experience greater confidence, effectiveness and fulfillment in their careers and every aspect of their lives. Companies gain better teamwork, happier employees, a consistantly professional reputation, stronger customer relationships and improved bottom-line results.

The foundation for all VisibleEDGE Resources programs is:

  • Who You Are…
    • COREMap® Multi-Dimensional Personality Profile

Customized group and individual programs include:

  • How You Look and Dress…
    • The Power of 30 Seconds: First Impressions and Professionalism
    • Total Professionalism: Your EDGE to Excel
    • The VisibleEDGE Message™ Map: Discover the Impact of Silent Messages
    • ColorQuest™ Profile: Expressing Your True Self Through Colors
    • Dressing to Market Yourselfand Achieve Goals
    • Strategic Wardrobe Planning: Career, Job Interview & Special Ocassion Styling
    • The Decluttered Closet: Complete Closet Cleaning & Organization
    • Private Trunk Show Shopping: Doncaster & elana by Tanner Collections (Women only)
  • What You Say and Do…
    • Business Etiquette: Create Uncommon Impact With Common Courtesy
    • Dining Etiquette: The Power of Distinguished Dining
    • Strategic Networking: Turn Small Talk into Big Connections
    • Public Speaking: Pursuasive Presentations and "Power" Points
  • How You Live and Manage Your Life…
    • VisibleEDGE Message™ Map: Message Strategies for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
    • Business & Life-Excellence Coaching: Self-discovery method for problem solving & goal setting

    Programs and one-on-one coaching on related topics available based on client needs.

    Please contact us for more information about our programs and services. You owe it to yourself.  It's a small investment to get more fulfillment in every aspect of your life!

    "Total Professionalism…The EDGE to Excel"

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