What Clients Are Saying About VisibleEDGE Resources

"I learned about VisibleEDGE Resources through a friend who had attended one of Maggie's workshops. With the cost of clothing approaching investment levels, she provided me with the knowledge of fabrics and styles to make better informed decisions-as well as giving me a greater understanding of mixing and matching items to get more 'outfits' for my money. As a result of her service, I have received positive feedback from co-workers, and felt an increase in my self-confidence!"

— Susan Eckert, Owner
Public Relations Agency

"Maggie's 'Dress to Market Yourself" presentation was invaluable to me as a professional! I know that the information helped me to get a great job… I learned how to present myself to an employer and to position myself for future success. Maggie's presentations are an excellent resource for understanding comprehensive approaches to dressing well and dressing appropriately."

— Jane Talbert, Business Development Executive
Software Industry

"The creative area of sales that I'm in requires me to be professional, yet innovative. It can be difficult to find appropriate clothes for my profession, but Maggie did just that! Hiring an image consultant is an investment, but Maggie is worth every penny. Since she knows how and where to shop effectively, I was able to get more garments of higher quality for my dollar. Because of her help I have not only gained an increased sense of confidence, but I have also received compliments from my colleagues and increased my sales."

— Steve Cayce, Sales Development Manager
B&H Commercial Services

"Business casual doesn't give people permission to get sloppy or lackluster in their appearance. As a manager and cross-functional team leader, I need to convey that I am an 'innovator' and a 'knowledgeable authority on technology', but in a non-intimidating, approachable manner…I'm not a 'propeller head'. Working with VisibleEDGE Resources gave me the know-how to do this successfully."

— Bruce Walters, Director of Systems Architecture
The M/A/R/C Group

"Your presentation on 'The Power of Thirty Seconds' was very enlightening and informative. The areas you covered will certainly benefit our group. The questions and commentary received from the audience further proves our interest and appreciation of the subject matter."

— Jeannette J. Clack, Vice Chair
Executive Women in Government

"Maggie delivered a professional consultation and customized the services to meet what we needed. She provided contemporary training tools that are sharp, professional and easy to understand."

— Cherie Ware, Area Manager
Adecco Employment Services

"I found the material on the importance of 'knowing yourself in order to project an authentic yet professional brand identity' of great value…The best part was how the session was personalized and hands-on…I was every impressed with the quality."

— Mary Kirby, Sr. Corporate Account Manager
Xerox Office Printing Business

"Maggie's workshop exceeded my expectations and gave me an awareness of how important appearance truly is. It has been excellent preparation for my current interviews, and the knowledge I've gained will help me succeed in future positions."

— Jacque Younger, Marketing Consultant
Participant, Dress to Market Yourself Workshop

"In looking over the evaluation forms, the WiNUP members from across America loved your enthusiasm and expertise as much as the North Texas WiNUP Chapter does!!! Thank you!"

— Sue Mercer, Conference Chair-2001 US Conference
Women's International Network of Utility Professionals

"Locating clothes to fit a size 3 is not easy, especially ones for a woman who is almost 50-not 13! Maggie's knowledge of style, body-type and fabric colors/types-in addition to the moods that these create-have been invaluable in helping me achieve just the right look for my work and personal preferences."

— Solina K. Marquis, Storyteller
Performance Wardrobe Client

"The week following Maggie's 'Dress to Market Yourself' presentation, I had two interviews for executive-level positions. Because of the points Maggie made, I realized that I needed to adjust my interview clothing so it was appropriate for two very different corporate cultures. As a result, I was more comfortable and confident, which made me better able to focus on the interview and establish rapport with each interviewer."

— Tom Duffy, Vice President
Retail Site Location Industry

"In Maggie's 'Dress to Market Yourself' seminar, I learned both strategic and tactical information that taught me how to dress for the position I wanted. Based on Maggie's coaching, I bought a new suit the day before a key interview. It not only impacted my self-confidence but also increased my performance at a time when I really needed it. Resulting from this seminar, I achieved my goal of joining a superb organization and I've received positive feedback on my new professional look."

— Skip Kapur, Group Manager
Industry-Leading Financial Services Company

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